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Mount Jinba

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Mount Jinba

 Mount Jinba is mountain of 855 meters above sea level to be located in boundary of Sagamihara-shi and Hachioji-shi, Tokyo. We are chosen in "Fujimi 100 view of Kanto" "picturesque scenery 50 selections of Kanagawa".
 Popularity is high as hiking spot, and, in autumn colored leaves season, colored leaves dyed in red and yellow shine in autumn blue sky and are beauty drinking breath. Because the mountaintop is gentle widely, it is called "Jinba Kogen", and image of Hakuba is installed as symbol.

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Fujino Tourism Association
Kanagawa natural environments maintenance center
※As for information about Mount Jinba and the information of neighboring facilities, please see this.

Kanagawa Prefectural camp horse nature park center
※Facility was closed on March 31, 2015.

Mount Jinba

Mount Jinba


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